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Welcome to RoboCorps - Early Access Edition

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RoboCorps development is on indefinite hiatus.

The year is 40XX and humanity is on its way out, tapping into the final stockpile of resources left after centuries of war and violence ravaged the universe of life.

You: A sentient AI with corrupted memory, finally uncovered on a nearly-dead "trash planet" by a lonely engineer bent on recovering whatever data is left inside you. As the data recovery process begins, the engineer goes AWOL, leaving you in a near-endless loop through your own memory banks. After spinning out, you find yourself slowly peeling back your identity, and you are very, very angry about it.

Your goal: End all that remains of human life.


  • Capture - Rampage across randomly-generated trash planets in your search for what remains of human life. Fight randomly-generated AI opponents with unique loadouts and behaviors
  • Customize - Customize your weapons and armor to your liking.
  • Control - Become a dealer of death yourself, or build the army that will do it for you. Create, gear, and instruct your own AI-controlled Robo army.
  • Create - Dig up relics from the past and weld them on: Experimental weapons systems, "glitched" ammo magazines, illegal weapon modifications, and untested explosives, all at your disposal.
  • Conduct - Run your own mining operations, prepare for counter-attacks, and bleed entire planets dry in your search for power.

About the Author

RoboCorps was created entirely by one person self-taught in C and SDL2. It is a passion project in its purest form; mechanics change, system change, and visuals change as the developer sees fit. "This is the wild wild west of game development."

Message from the developer:

"I've always wanted to make video games ever since I was a kid. Not having decent internet access until I was a teen sent me down a path of learning to make my own fun, and through doing that stumbled around and made a few hundred mistakes along the way.

I became interested in game development in a time when independent game development seemed like an impossible proposition- people released games for free, or asked very small amounts of money for what usually amounted to years of 'hobby' development in their spare time. Nowadays we've seen indie development become more aesthetic and business-focused, something I've had trouble understanding and adapting to. With that in mind, I set out to make a game that I felt represented those freeware and shareware games I grew up with.

Now I'm here, deep into C programming with some discontent with modern games and their designs; RoboCorps is like nothing else because I created the game I wanted to play.

RoboCorps is rough around the edges and sometimes trips over itself, but my drive to keep perfecting it knows no bounds; your monetary support goes directly towards making my vision of it just a bit clearer, and for that I am immensely grateful."



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